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Inventory of EU-funded projects in the MPC

Since the beginning of EU-funding for Research and Development in the middle of the 80ies there have been many thousands of collaborative projects throughout Europe.
In the 90ies the INCO Programme (INternational CO-operation) was launched, addressing countries outside the EU, amongst others in particular the Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC). INCO projects were both R&D projects and Support Actions, the latter aiming at raising awareness for cooperation with European researchers and private industry.
Framework Programme 5 was the first main-stream programme that carefully opened collaboration with non-EU countries, but acceptance was still on a case-by-case basis.
Since FP 6 partners from specific non-EU countries can participate in any project with the same funding rules that apply for Europeans.

A large number of projects have been active over the past 15 years - and many are still running, covering all types of project, such as support actions, targeted research projects, or large-scale integrated projects.

The inventory provides a detailed view of the projects, their topics and the MPC partners involved, for each individual MPC, the specific EUMEDIS programme and the MPC as a whole.

Please note: Currently the CORDIS database system is being restructured. During this time this inventory is only covering projects from the Framework Programme 7.

To get view on the bilateral links between the countries through projects, go to the Bilateral  section.

NB: All the information that was used for this analysis is publicly available on the CORDIS website. The analysis is not based on EC-internal information and hence should not be taken as official information.

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